What Is Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

Facial rejuvenation surgery encompasses all cosmetic facial procedures that restore a youthful look. Patients can choose any combination of an eyelid lift, facelift, face or neck liposuction, brow lift, chin implant, or cheek implants. Laser resurfacing can also be included to improve the quality of the skin.

Who Can Benefit From Facial Rejuvenation?

Men and women who can benefit from facial rejuvenation can relate to one or more of the following:

  • Under-eye bags
  • Sagging of the upper eyelids
  • Sagging brows
  • Deep forehead wrinkles
  • Fine lines around the eyes and mouth
  • Neck wrinkles and bands
  • Excess fat in the face and neck
  • Facial hollows or sunken cheeks
  • Sagging skin on the face and neck
  • Poor skin texture


A facelift tightens the skin and muscles in the lower third of the face and the neck. It combats wrinkles and sagging skin to provide a look that is naturally refreshed, never overdone. A facelift is often the main procedure that accompanies a brow lift, eyelid lift, or facial implants to create the most comprehensive result.

Facelift Procedure

The facelift can be customized to correct any degree of facial sagging and wrinkles. For a full facelift, an incision will be made on either side of the face hiding within your hair or around your ear. The incision begins at the temple, extends down to behind the ear and end at the base of the neck within the hairline. Incisions are closed with sutures.

Facelift Recovery

Patients should plan for at least two weeks off from work following a facelift. After surgery, your face may be wrapped with a dressing, and surgical drains may be present to remove excess fluid for the first night. Patients should keep their head elevated and avoid strenuous activity for several weeks.

Scarring After Facelift

Scars from facelift surgery are well-hidden within the hairline and around the ear so you can wear your hair any way that you please!

Is Facelift Surgery Painful?

There is no pain during surgery, as general anesthesia is used. Dr. Sturm will prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable after surgery.


Brow Lift

Heavy eyelids or low brows can be genetic but can also result from the effects of gravity or natural aging. The excess skin in this area can make you appear tired or angry even when you are not, and it can definitely add years to your appearance. The brow lift will tighten the skin and tissues around the eyes to create a more refreshed appearance.

Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Sturm performs an endoscopic brow lift using small incisions behind the hairline. A scope allows her to use very small tools to manipulate the tissues and muscles beneath the brows to raise them to a more aesthetically pleasing position.

Brow Lift Recovery

After surgery, your forehead will have a dressing overnight to minimize swelling. Patients should keep their head elevated and avoid strenuous activity for several weeks.

Scarring After Brow Lift

There will be no visible scarring from the brow lift because incisions are hidden behind the hairline.

Is Brow Lift Surgery Painful?

General anesthesia is used during surgery; pain medication helps keep patients comfortable after surgery.


Eyelid Lift

Excess skin and fat on the lower or upper eyelids can result from aging or genetics. An eyelid lift, also called blepharoplasty, can be performed on either the upper or lower eyelids—or both—to restore a youthful, well-rested look. It eliminates under-eye bags, can improve wrinkles around the eyes, and tightens the skin of the upper eyelids.

Eyelid Lift Procedure

For an upper eyelid lift, the incision is hidden well within the natural crease of the eyelid, and any excess skin is removed. A lower eyelid lift involves an incision just under the lashes on the lower lid. Excess skin and fat are removed for a smooth appearance.

Eyelid Lift Recovery
Bruising and swelling are normal after surgery and will last about one week. After surgery, you will have lubricant on the sutures and in the eyes to keep them moist, so your vision may be a bit blurry for a day or two. Other than that, your vision will be normal. Some patients feel comfortable appearing in public after a few days with sunglasses, while others prefer two full weeks to recover.

Scarring After Eyelid Lift
Scars from either upper or lower eyelid lift heal very well and are hidden within the folds of the skin and along the lash line.

Is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Painful?
Blepharoplasty can be performed under “twilight” sedation or local anesthesia. Discomfort is minimal. Patients experience some bruising and swelling around the eyes after surgery that dissipates once the sutures are removed about one week later. Cold compresses and lubricating ointment help keep pain or irritation to a minimum.

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