Chin & Jaw Augmentation

What are surgical and liquid chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a popular procedure that we often perform along with rhinoplasty. If only a subtle augmentation is preferred, then a liquid chin augmentation can be performed using a soft tissue filler or the patient’s own fat. If a more dramatic effect is preferred, a surgical chin augmentation can be performed via a “bony advancement.” Have questions? Schedule a consultation today.

Chin Augmentation
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What is a liquid chin augmentation?

A liquid chin augmentation is a simple procedure that can have a dramatic effect on your overall facial symmetry. If we’re using a soft tissue filler like Juvederm, it’s a quick in-office procedure, with minimal downtime. I’ll use a great numbing cream beforehand, and my patients describe the injections as almost painless.

What is a surgical chin and jaw augmentation?

A surgical chin or jaw augmentation is required for a more dramatic effect. I generally perform what is called a “bony advancement.” A bony genioplasty involves actually moving part of the chin bone forward. I often perform a bony genioplasty along with a rhinoplasty. The combined effects can have a life changing effect for my patients.

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