Laser Peel

What is a Hollywood Laser Peel?

A Hollywood laser peel (or Hollywood carbon peel or Spectra Peel) is a facial that removes the “gunk” inside your pores, while very gently resurfacing your skin. First, we apply a thin layer of carbon lotion to the skin, we then we remove the carbon with a Spectra Q-switched laser. Rest assured, it’s a gentle process that delivers great results, and can be done right before your next event or party to really make your skin look better.

Does a Hollywood Laser Peel really work?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Hollywood Laser Peel and Spectra laser. In my opinion, it really improves skin tone and even improves pigmentation. After a few treatments, you’ll actually see dark spots begin to lighten up.

What to Expect

First off, we apply some carbon lotion to your skin. It’s just like putting on a mud mask. Then, we begin to pass the Spectra laser over your skin. As the laser works, you may hear a slight ticking sound. Plus, you’ll feel some warmth, and some patients say they feel a slight tingling. We pass over your skin with the laser a few times, and that’s it.

Is there any pain? Or recovery time needed?

Our patients report no pain. At the most, some patients describe a subtle prickly feeling. It’s so gentle, we don’t even need to apply a topical anesthetic cream.

Basically, there’s no real downtime. So, you can get back to your regular daily activities, immediately. I might suggest you avoid putting makeup on right after the procedure, but you can certainly put make up on a couple hours later.

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