• Ultherapy®

    Ultherapy is a new, non-surgical lifting procedure that uses tried-and-true ultrasound technology to gradually strengthen and tone your skin from deep within.

  • Soft Tissue Fillers

    Aging isn’t just due to the effect of gravity, it is the loss of volume in our face over time. Soft tissue fillers are a simple, immediate way to replace volume.

  • Facelift

    We all want to look as young and energetic as we feel. The idea that a facelift is reserved for movie stars or entertainers is long outdated.

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Want smooth skin without having to shave or wax? The LIGHTSheer Duet laser is effective on all skin types and virtually painless, unlike the older lasers!

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Every person is unique with their own desires and aspirations. Dr. Angela Sturm believes in taking her time with each patient to know exactly what your goals are. Taking these into consideration, Dr. Angela Sturm will tailor the most effective treatment plan to help you look and feel your best.

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